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100% Synthetic Buck Urine.

With our newest synthetic buck scent, we were looking to rile up the Big Bucks even more! This scent mimics the stout, musky odor of buck glands and buck urine at full rut. This deer scent is so realistic, the dominant buck in your area will believe he has a rival in his territory, and it will anger him to no end. He will work the area over and over again in an attempt to find the interloper and battle him for dominance. Used in combination with Buck Stalker Attractants Estrus XXX Juice, it will give you the most effective one – two punch in the synthetic deer scent industry. Our synthetic deer lures have an extremely long shelf life and are not affected by warm temperatures. They will not spoil like real pee. They remain effective under all conditions. They also have no chance of spreading CWD. With many states banning real whitetail buck urine, our synthetic lures are great options. In fact, they are often superior to the real thing!

Why Choose Buck Stalker Attractants?

At Buck Stalker Attractants, we continue to provide superior quality products that help you become a more effective hunter. Ours is quite simply the best synthetic dominant buck scent on the market. We wouldn’t have it any other way. Our new rutting buck synthetic urine is a great scent to add to your arsenal. This is a PREMIUM scent and will fool even the wariest buck and trigger an aggressive response. Buck Stalker Attractants Buck-N-RUT has the stout, musky smell of a dominant buck in full rut. This mix of synthetic urine and glandular scents will make your local buck think he has a challenger intruding in his territory and he'll stick around, looking for a fight. This keeps him distracted and within your reach. Use in all the ways you use real buck urine: in brush, in drippers, on drags and in scrapes. Requires no special storage, no refrigeration and will never go bad. Forget some in your pocket after the season? No problem, it will still be perfect next season. Legal in all 50 states, even where real deer urine is banned.

Try it in combination with our Buck Stalker Attractants – Estrus XXX Juice for a one - two combination that can't be beat.

Buck Stalker Attractants Buck-N-Rut Features:

  • Mimics Dominant Buck
  • Extreme Shelf Life/ Easy Handling
  • Cannot Spread CWD
  • Pre-Rut/ Rut/ Post Rut Effectiveness
  • Triggers Big Buck's Territorial Challenge Instinct
  • 2 FL OZ Bottle
  • Manufactured In KY, USA

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