The Buck Stalker Story

Don't Just Hunt when You Can Stalk!

The story starts in 2010 when we were asked if we would be interested in teaching someone to hunt whitetail deer. During the process of teaching the client stated that they were tired of buying attractants that didn’t perform well. We had used everything available on the shelves at local hunting stores with little results. We knew the deer were there, they just weren’t consuming the attractants that we had purchased. The client asked us if we had ever thought about making our own attractants and that we should look into it.

After a year and a half of research, tweaking, adding, and changing ingredients we formulated a base attractant without any type of flavor that the whitetail deer could not resist. Our cameras were exploding with new pictures of a magnitude of deer. We then decided to start the process of infusing flavor into the base attractant and our first flavor was Acorn.

The cameras could not keep up with the magnitude of pictures that were coming in after putting out the new flavor infused version. Our friends started asking us if they could try some and then their other friends and family asked the same question. We couldn’t just keep giving it away due to production cost, so Buck Stalker Attractants opened for business in 2013.

We have been endorsed by several professional hunting shows and providing hunters with an attractant that performs and works every since! We now produce the BEST Mineral, Attractant, Feed, Scents and Scent Eliminators on the Market.

Our goal is to provide our customers with a line of hunting products that are designed to produce great results and to maximize their harvest potential & time while hunting.

We stress to all of our customers “Don’t Just Hunt when you can Stalk”…… with our line of products from Buck Stalker Attractants.

Buck Stalker Attractants, LLC

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